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SEDC has partnered with Lamar Transit and Albany International Airport on a campaign that will help to promote the robust business environment within Saratoga County. SEDC will be continuing our advertising campaign “Saratoga County, Open for Business and Ready for You” as the overarching theme. We are inviting SEDC members to participate in this effort to promote Saratoga County’s business community by investing in this effort.


Why the Airport?

Airports are the main point of entry to any community.

  • Opportunity to be an ambassador for our region and establish your company as a business leader in the market.
  • Ability to reach the elusive and discerning passengers who travel through the airport.
  • Elusive audience of C-suite executives, opinion-leaders, business decision makers and influencers.
  • 258% (or two and a half times) more likely than a typical consumer to have participated in an information technology purchasing decision within their company in the past year; 173% more likely to have participated in computer hardware/software decisions; 135% more likely to have participated in telephone and communication purchasing decisions; 380% more likely to have participated in a purchasing decision for business travel or conventions.
  • Affluent, sophisticated, educated and captive audience.
  • Airline Travelers are 80% more likely to have an annual household income of $100,000 or more. One-third of Frequent Flyers live in $100,000+ households.
  • Over half of all Airline Travelers have a college or graduate school degree, compared with only 33% of average Americans; Among Frequent Flyers, the likelihood of higher education soars to 68%.
  • Sixty-eight percent of Airline Travelers say they spend 30 minutes or more in the terminal before their flight boards; Half of Frequent Flyers spend 45 minutes or more in airport concourses after clearing security.
  • Convey corporate strength and make a solid impression on travelers entering or departing the region.


Who travels through Albany International Airport?

  • Every local corporate decision maker; every global corporate leader exploring partnerships and investment in our region; every candidate seeking opportunities and their families that follow; students at one of our 21 colleges and universities; many of the recreational travelers to the popular resort destinations throughout the Adirondacks, Southern Vermont and Western Mass
  • Globally, leading companies have a strong presence in airports, taking advantage of unique and powerful visibility targeting a key upscale and business-to-business demographic in a very captive setting to demonstrate their local success and clout within their particular sector.


And then there’s the bigger picture:

  • Unlike any other venues, the airport provides unique opportunity to send a message about the vitality of our region- the advertising/messaging creates the first and last impressions for over 2.5 million travelers each year and should be viewed as a tool for the attraction and retention of the talent that will keep our region strong.  The Greater Capital Region/ Tech Valley is home to world-class corporations, manufacturers and local businesses, large and small; it is both an emerging and historical center of innovation, with incredible educational and cultural institutions, unparalleled access to natural resources and a strong tradition of philanthropy.
  • The first and last impressions should be of the best of what our region offers– and in partnership, we have the opportunity to shape that message and further strengthen the region we proudly call home.

(Statistics provided by Lamar Transit)


If you are interested in participating and would like to discuss further, please contact Jim Angus at 518-587-0945 or email