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We are excited to announce a powerful update to our recent Site Evaluation Engine, SEE Saratoga. The one-stop user interface providing customizable analysis of real estate sites, community infrastructure and demographics is now complete with the public Saratoga County tax parcel map, assessed values and zoning.

Feedback from interested professionals with desire to have commercially listed sites and this critical county tax map parcel data included. Earlier this year we reached agreement with CIREB to integrate its listings within SEE Saratoga. Now, thanks to the ongoing support of member investor National Grid and our Ontario, Canada based database vendor, Evince Corp, we added Saratoga County’s public tax parcel map, complete with the assessed value and zoning.


It isn’t often that something changes the way you look at a market. SEDC’s latest initiative promises to be a one-stop resource that is responsive to our needs. It is a source of real-time information in a credible, user friendly format. I will be turning to it regularly to help evaluate market investment opportunities, customized research and project evaluation, especially now that the Saratoga County tax map parcels and eligible zoning uses have been incorporated. Once again, SEDC delivers.”
-Kevin Philbin, Continuum Realty

We can see using the SEE Saratoga interface every day. It’s an efficient one-stop resource for identifying potential sites, now overlaid with our community zoning priorities, always updated with our community’s demographic makeup, and with the ability to add additional planning-specific information.
-Tony Tozzi,Building & Planning Director, Town of Malta

It’s a homerun. SEDC delivered a powerful platform for community and regional analysis in a modern web and mobile format. We can see its utility across student project team led research and leveraged by faculty and administrators to better understand our district. I’m glad our team took the recent SEE Saratoga training so we are even more prepared to use it.
– Joseph Dragone, Superintendent, Ballston Spa School District

Thank you for your continued engagement and interest. How we Advance Saratoga starts with you. Don’t hesitate to see how we can be helpful to promote, retain and grow opportunities together