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This shipping area accounts for 55 percent of the US and Canadian income. Market trends that begin in this diversified area quickly establish significant marketing patterns that are felt, in varying degrees, throughout the rest of the country. When you locate in Saratoga County, you’ll enjoy ready access to the Northern Hemisphere Markets.

SEE Saratoga SEDC’s Site Evaluation Engine (SEE)

Sponsored by National Grid 

SEE Saratoga – SEDC’s Premier Platform for Site & Demographic Analysis - now with powerful mapping and an advanced demographics engine

  • 24-7 web-based platform accessible from Desktop, Tablet and Mobile operating systems
  • Easily navigated to search available sites and buildings with a rich set of mapping capabilities and demographic data, including (but not limited to):
    • Labor Force
    • Major Employers
    • Income
    • Spending Potential
    • Population by Age, ethnicity, married, families
    • Education levels
    • Quality of Life Index
  • Access to ESRI library of data
  • Export info to share via E-mail, Social Media, or Print
  • Customize a Site or Building Fact Sheet
  • Multiple Mapping layers to include (but not limited to):
    • Capture layered data such as railroads, ports, hospitals
    • Corporate Directory
    • Drive time radius displayed or exported associated with each site
    • Soil Surveys
  • Upload your site sales materials

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