WATCH “Saratoga County – Life With Balance”WATCH “Saratoga County – Life With Balance”

Welcome to Saratoga County, New York

Located at the “Crossroads of Northeast North America”, Saratoga County is just 150 miles from Boston, New York City and Montreal and at the center of New York’s Tech Valley. More than 54 percent of the US and Canadian populations and 60 percent of their industries are located within one day’s shipping time (800 miles). When you locate in Saratoga County, you’ll enjoy ready access to the Northern Hemisphere markets, a skilled and productive labor force and a world class quality of life. If you are ready to start a business, expand, relocate, or build a facility, The Saratoga Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) is ready to help.

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SEDC President Dennis Brobston Talks About Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis

On 9/12/14 Saratoga Economic Development Corporation unveiled the results of an Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis they commissioned to substantiate their efforts in Saratoga County. SEDC President Dennis Brobston gave a speech at Longfellows Hotel and Conference Center to explain the big question; Why do this study? Dennis Brobston’s Comments: It has been said Saratoga…

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