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SEDC is a private sector, non-profit, consulting firm, established in 1978, that works to retain existing businesses while creating new jobs in Saratoga County, New York. SEDC is your first point of contact for business development in Saratoga County, New York. Our mission is to create jobs and diversify the tax base while improving the quality of life for the residents of Saratoga County. We accomplish this through the retention of existing business, attraction of new industry, and improving our product- Saratoga County, New York. With a Board of successful businesspeople, and a staff of experts that understand what it takes to go into business and stay in business, the corporation brings a degree of experience that sets it apart from other non-profit economic development organizations.

SEDC is the first–point-of-contact for all aspects of the development process including communication with state and regional economic development programs and individuals to bridge the gap between government and the business community

In our 40 year history SEDC has been the driving force for economic growth in Saratoga County and the Greater Capital Region of New York State. SEDC is responsible for the attraction of major industrial businesses like Ball Metal Corporation, QUAD/Graphics, State Farm Insurance, Ace Hardware, Cascades Tissue Group and more recently, SEDC was the driving force in the development of the $200 million technology campus, Luther Forest Technology Campus and the attraction of AMD, which later became GLOBALFOUNDRIES, a multi-billion dollar semiconductor foundry which is creating thousands of jobs in Saratoga County, NY. SEDC has helped to generate more than 17,500 new jobs, $12 billion in investment and $34 million in annual tax revenue for Saratoga County, NY. SEDC does not act alone when working for the best interest of its clients. We have successfully brought together private businesses and government into a powerful and effective partnership that has resulted in the Capital Region’s most robust economic growth.

SEDC stands alone in economic development.  Because of our ability to “cut through the red tape”, SEDC works as the ombudsman for our clients through incentive negotiation, infrastructure needs, site selection and local and state government.